Craig Mormino, Co-Founder of Smarty Marketing

Here at Smarty Marketing, we often compare the digital world to a restless sea; it is constantly shifting, capsizing some brands and propelling others in the waves of change. Every ship needs a steadfast navigator – one that is capable of driving forward through both stormy seas and tranquil waters. Our co-founder Craig Mormino is that captain.

Before courageously embarking on the Smarty ship, Craig acted as the Director of Linkable Asset Marketing at Internet Marketing Ninjas. With over twelve years of digital marketing experience, Craig has masterminded countless custom marketing campaigns in nearly every industry imaginable. Chances are you have seen one of his projects on the web (or even on the news!) without realizing it. Here are just a few of the websites his campaigns have been featured on:

  • ABC News
  • Entrepreneur
  • Adweek
  • CNN
  • CNET
  • Daily Dot
  • Yahoo!
  • AOL
  • The Washington Post
  • PC Magazine
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Food & Wine
  • MSN
  • National Geographic
  • Wired

There is no topic too niche or too bland; he will find a creative, compelling angle that primes it for both viral and evergreen success. As a natural leader, Craig sparks this visionary quality in others as well.


He has over a decade of experience managing a wide variety of talent, including marketers, designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists. His approach unites both freedom and guidance, leading to innovative content that make the client, the team, and the creator proud!

No matter the challenge, he approaches it with integrity, enthusiasm, and commitment to quality. No shortcuts are made and no detail goes left unpolished. This includes the creation of Smarty Marketing alongside Ann Smarty (hyperlink to her bio here?). He truly believes in the services we offer and the people who make them possible. There are countless reasons why many of the Smarty Marketing team have been creating unique, effective marketing campaigns together for over a decade – Craig is one of the main ones!

Craig specializes in:

  • Content Creation and Marketing
  • Reddit Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Link Building
  • Project Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Creative Direction
  • Copy and Design Editing

When Craig is not leading the crew, he enjoys spending time with his wife and wonderful family, which includes two human children and two feline children named Billy (Isabella) and Harry. He is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan who plans his vacation schedule around their season.

While Pittsburgh is a frequent and beloved destination, Craig also loves to travel across the United States and abroad! Good food, good beer, and good video games are also the ultimate happiness ingredients for Craig. Minecraft and Star Wars are long-time favorites. Tune into the video below to find out how many hours he has played and what lightsaber color he would pick!

Recent articles by Craig Mormino:

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A few more fun facts about Craig Mormino:

Go-to comfort food?
Pizza with pepperoni and onions.

Favorite color?

As a child, it was most certainly red. Right now, I’d have to say orange.

A song you know every word of by heart?
“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and “Regulate” by Warren G.

Most rewatchable show/movie?
For TV show: The Wire or Breaking Bad
For movie: The Big Lebowski (I’ve seen it dozens of times)

The last thing that made you smile?
The last thing that got a heartfelt smile would have been watching my kids play together.

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