Ann Smarty, Co-Founder of Smarty.Marketing

The internet is like the wild, wild West; you might strike gold or you might be left in the dust. It is always shifting and growing, so you must be quick on the draw to thrive. Fortunately, our co-founder Ann Smarty is a marketing maverick whose passion for helping websites succeed is matched only by her love for deciphering the “why” behind search engines.

Since the launch of her career in 2005, Ann Smarty has established herself as one of the most well-respected and influential authorities in the SEO and digital marketing circles. She is the founder of Viral Content Bee, the former Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Journal, and a regular speaker at Pubcon and other prestigious conferences. For over ten years, she acted as the Community and Brand manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas, an industry-leading SEO and content marketing agency.

This success has been driven by Ann Smarty’s curiosity, creativity, and incredible capacity for understanding both the big picture and the many puzzle pieces that build it. Ann is a wizard AND a doctor when it comes to SEO; she diligently diagnoses what ails a website’s rankings and conjures up custom, multi-ingredient potions to bring them back to life!

Ann Smarty

Ann is also known for engaging with her audience and delivering her wealth of knowledge in active, actionable ways. Beyond being a highly sought-after speaker, she appears weekly at our Smarty Live Podcast to share fresh insights and practical advice that can be implemented for sites of all shapes and sizes. She is also always eager to answer any questions, so we highly recommend catching a broadcast, especially if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur!

Here are some of the excellent publications Ann Smarty has contributed her wealth of SEO and marketing knowledge to:

“I don’t believe in learning or succeeding without practice. All my marketing tools and courses are highly actionable: You learn by doing!” ~ Ann Smarty.

Wherever you find Ann Smarty’s published work, you can rest assured it will be helpful content.

When Ann is not busy discovering the inner workings of the web, she is traveling the world by land, air, and sea! In fact, the Smarty Marketing logo was inspired by her passion for sailing and the ocean. The triangle represents the sail of her boat and the sideways ‘S’ below is both an ocean wave and our company’s initial.

It encompasses Ann Smarty’s pioneering spirit and love for adventure both on the world wide web and in the wide, wonderful world! Ann is a proud mother to two bright, courageous daughters who are the ultimate globetrotters and a beloved cat named Masya (who we suspect is the true SEO mastermind feeding Ann secrets).

Ann specializes in:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Creation and Marketing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Community Building
  • Keyword Research
  • Topical Authority Building
  • AI and SEO Tool Reviews
  • Link Building
  • Blog Development
  • Social Media Marketing

Recent articles by Ann Smarty:

A few more fun facts about Ann Smarty:

Go-to comfort food?
Greek Salad (I feel like I am a disappointment when I say this :))

Favorite color?

A song you know every word of by heart?
Hailie’s Song by Eminem

Most rewatchable show/movie?

The last thing that made you smile?
Playing cards with Dasha, my daughter 🙂

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